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Networking 101

This fun and interactive seminar will show how easy it is to network no matter how comfortable, or uncomfortable, you are with it. Learn how to get through boring small talk and build relationships that will result in both professional and personal success. Find out how easy it is to get out of bad conversations. Networking is easier than you think!

"Danny's Networking 101 session is highly entertaining yet instructive! I know our group thoroughly enjoyed the hands on active approach to learning how to network and the take away tips. Danny knows how to give examples to relate to his audience and still get a few laughs and have fun. This is not your typical sit and learn what to say type of seminar and is highly effective! I would recommend Danny as a speaker for anyone who is looking to improve their networking skills or who is just getting started. In Des Moines I dare say he is the "King of Networking".

~ Lindsay Maher, Primerica Financial Services, YPC Professional Development Chair

Personal Branding

A personal brand is a powerful tool. It allows us to set the stage before a job interview, set people’s perceptions before a sales call, or influence opinions of strangers. Social media can have a profound impact on how people perceive you both online and in person. Learn strategies to expand your influence and build a brand that will help you succeed.

"Having known Danny through the West Des Moines Chamber, I was excited for him to speak at an all managers meeting for Midwest Heritage Bank. In my time with Midwest Heritage Bank, we had never brought in a speaker for one of our meetings. The leaders of Midwest Heritage Bank felt the knowledge and information Danny shares would benefit all aspects of our company. Danny’s presentation was filled with quality information that could be used by everyone, no matter what position they hold with the company. I personally have used many of the tips that Danny shared with us, and I know my coworkers have, too. I would recommend companies of any size looking to grow both their business and their brand to have Danny speak to their group."

- Greg Hayes, Bank Manager - Midwest Heritage Bank

Successful Networking

We’re all networking all the time. Those who seem to get more out of life have figured out how to put their network to work for them. Become conscious of the network you have and use simple strategies to get more from your connections immediately.

"I am particularly pleased with Danny’s presentations because they are always accessible to anyone – the material has obviously been researched, his presentation is warm and connected to the audience, and he adds the element of humor in at just the right time to help make a difficult concept become easily attainable: finding success through networking."

- Justin Bogers, Goodwill Career Connection Center Coordinator