Allow Me to Introduce Myself


A lifelong Iowan who values a philanthropic spirit, the U.S. Postal Service and a thoughtfully handwritten note, Laura started XO-LP in 2009 producing little greetings made with highlighters, markers and wit.


In 2014, she went from full-time fundraiser to full-time illustrator, a dream she's had since creating her first hand-made greeting card in 1988. She calls this #goingsolo and writes about it a lot. 


Laura also serves as the Director of Making Friends for make/break, writes for the Market Day Iowa blog, and sits on the boards for the Des Moines Arts Festival and the Des Moines Social Club. Laura's recent projects include an adventure series of postcards called "Wild Hansen," a bunch of custom stationery, and drawing the best bits of Des Moines for a collaboration with theGreater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau.


In 2015 Laura will be a wife, see at least 22 states on her #nomadlyweds adventures, find her work in 32 shops and sell over 7,500 greeting cards. (Some of these are goals, some are certainties. Both are important to Laura.)